After the resignation of the then council leader, a new draft plan was proposed for public consultation under Regulation 19 of the 2004 Compulsory Purchase & Planning Act 2004 that seeks to confirm the legal "soundness" of the plan before it goes forward for Examination in Public by a planning inspector.The consultation period of 6 weeks was set to start at the beginning of June 2016 and close 6 weeks later on 17 July 2016.

Importantly, new evidence documents were added or existing documents replaced (e.g. the Guildford SHMA being replaced by the West Surrey SHMA; the SHLAA being replaced by the LAA; the Sustainability Appraisal). In the interim, a new Town Centre Master Plan was produced by Allies & Morrison and this informs the new draft Local Plan (Proposed Submission). The emphasis in the draft plan switched from multiple smaller housing sites sites to a few significant "strategic" housing sites, including the now government funded Slyfield Area Regeneration Plan [SARP], Gosden Hill Farm, Three Farms Meadows (former Wisley airfield), Blackwell Farm (University of Surrey land) and land between Normandy & Flexford. Most of the land at these "strategic" sites is situated in the Green Belt.

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