As the first week passes of the Examination in Public of the Guildford Local Plan, there have been widely differing estimates of the annual housing number presented by local groups (e.g. GGGGRAGVG), the Council and its advisers GL Hearn, and the group representing commercial housebuilders and developers (Guildford Housing Forum), from as low as 272 by GGG to over 1,000 by the housebuilders and developers.

The inspector must pick his way through these conflicting claims in order to settle on a target that would make the plan deliverable and lawful, and it is this number that will drive the size and location of major housing sites (see Wisley above). He is also concerned about the timing of delivery over the 15 year plan period, deciding whether the Council's plan that defers an important proportion of the house building until later in the plan is acceptable.

Community Voice on Planning [CoVoP] cover the arguments on 5-year land supply and give a helpful summary on SHMA's in their FAQs.

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