• Our Normandy Village - Glaziers Lane

  • Our Normandy Village - land near Pussey\'s Copse with Ancient Woodland

  • Our Normandy Village - view to the Hog\'s Back and Surrey Hills AONB

  • Our Normandy Village - St Marks Church, Wyke, 15th c.

  • Our Normandy Village - winter sunset

  • Our Normandy Village - public view into Normandy from Hog\'s Back in Surrey Hills AONB

  • Our Normandy Village - Ancient Woodland vista

  • Our Normandy Village - Write to Fight

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Email Policy

NAG will only use your email address to send its own communications. It will not send out material from other organisations. It will not give your details to third parties.

NAG will update changes to your email address within ten days.

NAG will remove your name from its circulation list within ten days of your request. 

NAG will give you access to data that we hold on you within a calendar month if requested.

NAG will ask you once a year if you wish to remain on our circulation list.

Data Protection Policy

Key principles of the General Data Protection Regulation

  • Fairness
  • Lawfulness and Transparency
  • Purpose Limitation
  • Data Minimisation
  • Data Quality
  • Security
  • Integrity and Confidentiality
  1. All contact details provided by those who wish to join the NAG circulation list will be used only for NAG communications on the environment and amenity of Normandy and for no other purpose.
  2. NAG will only collect the personal data necessary to send out email mailings. 
  3. Contact details will be accurate and up to date.
  4. Individuals will be able to find out within a calendar month what personal data NAG holds on them.
  5. Contact details will be securely stored and disposed of. 
  6. Any breach which reveals personal data will be relayed to those affected soon as possible.
  7. Contact details will not be passed to a third party. 

Data Protection Procedures

1.Contact details on paper will be protected by;

  • keeping records in a locked cabinet or box.
  • updating records after a change of details notification as soon as possible, but no later than ten days after the notification.
  • disposing of records no longer needed as soon as possible, but no later than ten days after a request to remove details or after the record is no longer needed.
  • shredding records before disposal.

2. Electronic contact details will be protected by;

  • password protecting electronic records and storing them on a password protected device. 
  • computers used to store records should have reputable and up to date security software installed.
  • records should be backed up. A backup should be taken following a change in data. Backups should be stored in a locked drawer or cabinet.
  • email communications should be sent BCC to all recipients.
  • updating records after a change of details notification as soon as possible, but no later than ten days after the notification.
  • disposing of records no longer needed as soon as possible, but no later than ten days after a request to remove details.

3. Accessing personal data

Anyone wishing to view their personal data held by NAG should be given these details within ten days.

4. Breaches

Breaches of data protection, such as the failure to send out BCC, or a hack of the device used to store the data should be reported to those affected as soon as possible.

5. Third Party access to NAG personal data

Personal data entered via the NAG website will be held on the website server, as well as locally.


  • NAG submits response to Southern Pipeline consultation

    Normandy Action Group submitted its response to the Southern Pipeline corridor Option M & Q proposals as they affect land surrounding Flexford, Normandy and Wanborough. The response highlights that the consultants appear to have failed to take account of the local landscape designations of Area of Great Landscape Value [AGLV] and Site of Nature Conservation Importance [SNCI] in drawing the north and south boundaries of the Option M & Q corridor.

    Any pipeline laying towards the southern corridor boundary is likely to drive a wide swathe thorough the AGLV land that stretches north from the A31 down the northern slopes of the Hogs Back to Flexford Road; any pipeline laying towards the northern corridor boundary is likely to have a severe impact on the woodlands to the west of Normandy ward.

    The content of the response is available on the NAG web site

  • Housing proposal at Palm House Nurseries refused

    The planning application for six 2-bed houses [18/P00470] on the site of the former Palm House nurseries, that would result in the demolition of the existing horticultural building, has been refused.

    The officer report maintains that the "proposal would not constitute a sympathetic development but would result in the erosion of the agricultural and rural character of the site and surrounding area and would therefore fail to respect the established pattern of development within the area". 

  • Article 4 Direction compliance at Wanborough being tested

    Guildford Borough Council [GBC] has to decide whether to confirm the Article 4 Direction within 6 months of it first being served. A report is being drafted which, it is understood, is likely to propose continuation indefinitely. It will go before a planning committee meeting, probably at the end of June. The large number of representations sent by residents to Tim Dawes, Planning Development Manager at GBC has, it appears, ensured there will be a recommendation to continue.

    Read more ...
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