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Normandy is a desirable village to live in. It’s placed in the heart of the Green Belt, nestling between the North Downs and the Ash Ranges; with easy access to Farnham and Guildford. 

There are many local community groups representing activities, interests and events that contribute to a varied and dynamic village life.

But this rural lifestyle is increasingly under threat due to many factors, one of which is housing development, and it is vital that there is a body to represent independently the wishes of people in the village to manage change.

This site is maintained by a local village association called ‘Normandy Action Group’ who are residents that care about the village and wish to address independently any issues that affect its environment and amenity.

It draws attention to potential and real threats to Normandy village that our representative bodies are unaware of, unable or unwilling to deal with.

If you care and want the best outcome for this village too please support us.


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  • Elms Gardens site in council Brownfield Land Register

    The Elms Gardens site in Glaziers Lane, Normandy is identified among the 53 sites listed in the new Guildford Borough Council Brownfield Land Register.  This land is currently subject to a planning application 17/P/02326 for 30 dwellings.

    The Government maintains that Brownfield Land Registers will provide up-to-date, publicly available information on brownfield land that is suitable for housing and to include all brownfield sites that are suitable for housing development irrespective of their planning status but puts the decision as to what land is included in the register in the hands of local authorities.

  • New application for 30 dwellings at Elm Gardens Centre

    Following the public consultation at Normandy Village Hall, a new application for 30 new dwellings at Elm Gardens Centre in Glaziers Lane has recently been validated by Guildford Borough Council [17/P/02326]. This site is previously developed land in the Green Belt and as such any decision is likely to involve consideration of the impact on openness of the Green Belt of the proposed development when compared to the current site use (see NPPF para 89).

  • Inspector dismisses appeal against refusal of 30 dwellings in Glaziers Lane

    In a published decision [APP/Y3615/W/17/3173871], a planning inspector dismissed the appeal against the refusal of outline planning permission for 30 dwellings at land behind 140 Glaziers Lane. The inspector highlighted the impact on openness of the Green Belt of this proposal, the development likely to be at odds with the linear development along Glaziers Lane, and the location of the site within 1 km of the Thames Basin Heaths SPA and the lack of available SANG at the time of the decision. In addition, the very special circumstances required to justify such development in the Green Belt had not been demonstrated.

  • Russell Place Farm SANG appeal upheld by inspector

    To the dismay of residents in areas in the west of the borough threatened by housing developments on Green Belt land within the 5 kilometre buffer zone of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area [TBHSPA], an appeal to overturn the rejection of a planning application [13/P/01453] by Guildford Borough Council planning committee, to convert the 34.5 hectares of Russell Place Farm into Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace [SANG], was upheld by the planning inspector.

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